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There is a unique kind of connection to a person’s origins — a deep emotional bond of the soul to homeland, family memories and centuries-old traditions. Chant Alexandrian, of Armenian descent, always had that feeling of connection. Being inspired by the urge of maintaining old and authentic dining experiences, which had been carefully transmitted down his family through generations, Mr. Alexandrian envisioned replicating this experience in Beirut and elsewhere in the world. The story of Almayass began in 1996, when the Alexandrian family decided to introduce their Lebanese à l’arménienne home recipes and certain Armenian specialties to food lovers in Beirut. The concept of Mediterranean cuisine, as one of the oldest and most versatile one can ever come across, was being interpreted differently. Mr. Alexandrian managed to perfectly blend the two ‘branches’ of the cuisine – Lebanese and Armenian - with unique and memorable ability. Today, any guest visiting Almayass will find our tastes to be familiar yet traditional. The very notion of Almayass, reminiscing the sound of an ‘Al-Mays’ mountain tree gusting through a delicate Mediterranean breeze, embodies the home-like atmosphere of Almayass, where our guests will experience a culinary journey leaving them with heart-warming memories.

About us

We are proud to introduce a distinguished culinary experience consisting of the infusion of authentic Lebanese cuisine and the exotic flavors of traditional Armenian dishes. Established in Beirut in 1996, Almayass restaurants are also present in New York City, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadhi, Kuwait City and Doha. Over time, Almayass has attracted the attention of The New York Times, New York Magazine, Food Magazine, Los Angeles Times and many other international publications as a "must go" destination for a Lebanese-Armenian dining experience.


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